The Golden Word

Swim Team is Underrated
Ariana Ibarra, Editor • February 2, 2021
"The thing that makes swim team different from every other sport is that you have to do all that physical activity while holding your breath"
Women's Impact
Ariana Ibarra, Editor • March 8, 2021

International Women's Day is celebrated every year on March 8th. Many influential women have made history, and since 1911, they have a day where...

Banned Books
Banned Books
Ariana Ibarra, Editor • February 17, 2021

Books are often banned by libraries and schools all over the world. This can happen if a book is challenged by someone, which is then recorded...

A few of the "Karens" who have become popular over the years.
Karens of Tik Tok
Ariana Ibarra, Editor • January 19, 2021

A “Karen” has come to be known as an entitled, middle-aged woman who demands that things go their way. Some of the key characteristics of...

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