Cibola students talk TikTok

Cibola students talk TikTok

Charlize Roxas

TikTok is the one-year-old app that seems to be taking everyone’s attention in the past few months. With its fun trends and hilarious videos, TikTok has everything young people are looking for in terms of entertainment. Most people’s ‘feed’ consist of dances, art, comedy sketches, lip-syncing and other amusing content. 

This enjoyable app was originally the app, but was merged into TikTok by a Chinese company called ByteDance in August of 2018. TikTok was officially released in October of the same year. Since the release, the app has slowly but surely been growing a community of fans. 

I asked Cibola students why they thought TikTok has blown up so much in the past few months. 

Emily Acosta, a junior, said, “It (TikTok) doesn’t really hold to one specific audience. It is very wide range and has something for everyone.” 

On the other hand, Derrick Negron, a sophomore, said its popularity is “Everyone reposting TikToks on the other platforms and hearing about people getting famous on there.” 

I asked a few Cibola students about their thoughts on the app, and they were quick to talk about their positive opinions towards TikTok. Many of them had said that they got TikTok because they thought it would be fun or entertaining, and wanted an app where they could watch funny and relatable videos. Some said the reason the app is so entertaining to them is that you never know what you should expect while scrolling, since every video is different.  

Others say that they like the funny and original content that you wouldn’t see on other apps.                            

The trends on TikTok are something that you can’t help but want to be a part of. Whether it’s a cool dance or a new clothing style, these trends are definitely captivating. TikTok has set trends that have expanded outside of the app like E-Boys, VSCO girls, and many more. Not only does TikTok introduce new trends, it also introduces new music. One person may use a song in their video, then the video goes viral, and suddenly everyone’s listening to that song. I have found many of my favorite songs from watching TikToks.

All the students I talked to said that they would 100% recommend TikTok to other people. If you’re thinking about downloading the app, here’s all the tips on becoming a TikToker: