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The Golden Word

The Student News Site of Cibola High School

The Golden Word

The Student News Site of Cibola High School

The Golden Word

What To Do Over Spring (or Any) Break

Bruce Standiferd

There are lots of things you could do with spring break but you should treasure that precious

time, so here’s how I think you should spend it. 

  • Make sure to spend lots of time with your friends and family.
  • Treat yourself with anything you might enjoy such as a new video game or ice cream cone (within reason). 
  • Read a book that you’re interested in. Some March releases for popular books/series include: Infinity Kings, Icarus, and The Other Lola. 
  • You could go on a road trip with family to a destination you all wanted to go to. Take a vacation to a place like Universal Studios or Disneyland.
  • You could get tickets and a map to the zoo and actually go to the zoo; you will want to check out the new Asia Habitat that opened last fall. To remember your visit, make sure to get a souvenir. 
  • You could also get tickets to the aquarium; make sure to get a map and get a souvenir as well. 
  • Grow some plants/trees because when they are grown they will  bloom every spring. It will be a beautiful thing to witness what you have done. 
  • Start spring cleaning. I bet a lot of you haven’t been cleaning, so now’s the time; don’t just shove things into your closet-use the time to sort and organize what you are keeping and donate or recycle what you are not.
  • You could try camping in the woods for the first time or as an experienced outdoors person (don’t forget your camping gear). I would suggest trying to hike to a volcano; it’s a wonderful experience standing on top of a dormant volcano. 
  • Try and have as much fun as possible like watching your favorite movies/TV shows or play board games with your friend or family. Play some video games that you like that are fun and not extremely stressful to play and completely ruin your self esteem and make you wanna throw your controller or keyboard against the wall.
  • Do daily workouts and a good training regiment. I hear spring break is a great time to start because you have so much time on your hands. 
  • But why do we need spring break; well I have the answer. It’s because school is so hard and stressful and honestly I think we need more days off for decompression.


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