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The Student News Site of Cibola High School

The Golden Word

The Student News Site of Cibola High School

The Golden Word

The Student News Site of Cibola High School

The Golden Word

How to Prepare for SATs, for Juniors

Bruce Standiferd
Students can use a SAT study guide, or a website to study for this test, which is required for graduation.

Junior’s SATs are on March 21st. The scores you need to achieve are 430 or above in reading and writing and 480 or above in math; here’s how to prepare/study for it.

A way for studying is using these websites: 

Khan Academy


College board   



  • Another way to achieve the necessary, or higher, scores is to have a healthy lifestyle like eating healthy foods and exercising. 
  • You should study up to 10 or 20 hours a week before SATs, taking a few hours a day to prep and do practice tests.
  • Understand what format/questions are like on the SATs.
  • Make sure to take breaks while studying. Some methods use a set amount of time, such as 25 minutes for study and five minutes for breaks. Other experts encourage students to observe their own needs and concentration levels and take breaks that match. Moving around during a break will also help you focus more when you return to studying.
  • Focus on your weaknesses and try to make them better than before. 
  • Take several practice tests on the SATs. 
  • Hire a tutor for studying; you could also lead or join a study group. 

“Don’t underestimate the importance of fundamentals. Grammar and vocabulary aren’t fun, but many SAT questions are actually questionsabout these core concepts. Knowing what a semicolon does and how to punctuating an appositive phrase will score you some points,” says Mr. Gatsch, one of Cibola’s English teachers. He has been reviewing the new digital SAT and making practice tests to prepare our juniors for their testing day.

Work with your math and English teachers to know what’s on the SAT and how to organize your testing time to ensure you achieve the scores you need.


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