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The Student News Site of Cibola High School

The Golden Word

The Student News Site of Cibola High School

The Golden Word

The Student News Site of Cibola High School

The Golden Word

Dr. Mac on Cibola’s Cougar Closet

Jonathan Flores
Jeans, shirts, and all other types of clothing are available, including formal wear for prom.

Holiday gifts often include new clothes (not as fun as video games and jewelry), but that often means you need to make room for these items. One way to continue the use of clothing that is still in excellent shape but that might not be your style is to donate it. Cibola has its own clothing bank where you can donate or access clothes and other necessities.

The Cougar Closet is a clothing bank for Cibola students who might need some help with clothing, school supplies, or even formal wear for Homecoming and Prom. English teacher and founder of The Cougar Closet, Dr. Melodie Macdiarmid (AKA: Dr. Mac), answered some FAQs, so students will be in the know about visiting or donating to this Cibola resource.

Q How can students in need reach out without feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed. – Dr. Macdiarmid-Students can go to their counselor or to me, if they don’t want to go while the parent volunteer is there.

Q What is the variety of items students are available to get from the Cougar Closet? – 

Dr. Macdiramid-We have everything from socks and undergarments to prom wear. There are many, many jeans in many styles and sizes. There is often a supply of toiletries and jewelry available as well.

Q Is there a way to get donations for the Cougar Closet from the public? 

Dr. Macdiramid- We have many organizations that have donated in the past. The parent group is helping this school-year, so I am not sure if they contacted anyone yet. In the past, Walmart and Ross have contributed.

  1. As well, students who aren’t aware of this help can make it public to them and make them aware?

Dr. Macdiramid-It has been added to the announcements , and it is on my Cibola webpage. We might want to consider making flyers and perhaps putting it in the school newspaper.

  1. What was your reason for founding the Cougar Closet for students? 

Dr. Macdiramid-In 2010, I noticed many students in need in my own classroom, and I had an abundant supply of clothing, shoes, accessories, so I cleaned out my dressing room and brought the items to my students. When I realized just how much of a need there was, I talked to one of the counselors who I was friends with (Diane) and together, we came up with the Cougar Closet. We went to Elena Salazar, then principal at that time, for permission to use one of my classrooms. I had 2 rooms because I used one for my classes and the other for a special ELS program. I joined my program and classes into one portable (P-15) and created the Cougar Closet out of my other portable (P17). Diana suggested looking into formal clothes for prom and homecoming, so we added that too. Our husbands came down many weekends and evenings to help us set up, paint, and organize my old classroom in P-17.

  1. Was it difficult to found the Cougar Closet? 

Dr. Macdiramid-It was time consuming and took dedication and a Virgo (perfectionist) to organize. The Virgo is me. This was right down my alley of skill, so while it was work, it was also fun and rewarding.

  1. How can the students help to make this much bigger movement? 

Dr. Macdiramid-We have the NHS and other clubs helping with organization (since Covid). We have also had Boy Scouts do projects to earn the Eagle Scout Badge. Anyone can donate items.

Brainstorm: We could have a Saturday drive where parents who are cleaning out the closet for new clothes can donate to the Cougar Closet. 

Dr. Macdiramid-That is a good idea. Perhaps, we should talk about that.

To reiterate, The Cougar Closet is open at lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays and staffed by parent volunteers. Check in with the front office to get specific information about accessing this resource.

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