7 Things to do When You’re Bored (In)side

Seven things to do while you are stuck in the house


Amberlyn Mundis


Being inside bored is no fun at all. When you have nothing to do you can start making risky decisions. Here is a list of things you can do when you are bored inside your house.

1) Lay down and relax. Everyone needs a break once in a while. Even if you aren’t taking a nap, just laying down to relax your muscles can help you feel much better.  According to the website Medical News Today , teens can benefit from taking a nap of 30-60 minutes.  Resting and napping perks include improved thinking, memory, and mood, as well as athletic performance.


2) Read a book. Even if you don’t like reading, read something you know you’ll enjoy. Reading helps clear the mind. We may have technology now but nothing feels better than a book in your 

hand. On Cibola’s Library website, it tells you how to check out ebooks and audiobooks from school! If you don’t want to have to go anywhere or don’t know what to read and want recommendations on books then  Bookstr, a website that specializes in book news suggests using these apps: Librarything, Bookbub, Likewise, Tailored Book Recommendations, and Booksloth. Just read something to get your mind going.

Amberlyn Mundis

Ms.Fotter, Cibola’s Librarian, also recommended these resources:



What Should I Read Next? 

Read this guide to learn how to download e-books and audio books from Cibola’s Library.

3) Watch something you want to. It can be anything from a cartoon, anime, tv show, movie, etc. Pick something you know you love, such as an old favorite from childhood or watch one of these 10 movies:

Amberlyn Mundis
  1. Toy Story: You can watch this on Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Youtube.
  2. Mary Poppins: You can watch this on Disney+, and Youtube.
  3. Beauty and the Beast: You can watch this on Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Youtube.
  4. The Little Movie: You can watch this on Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Youtube.
  5. Finding Nemo: You can watch this on Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Youtube.
  6. The Red Balloon: You can watch this on Amazon Prime.
  7. Pinocchio: You can watch this on Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Youtube.
  8. Annie: You can watch this on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Youtube.
  9. WALL.E: You can watch this on Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Youtube.
  10. The Lion King: You can watch this on Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Youtube.


4) Write in a journal. Write about anything from how you hate cold weather or how you’re feeling today. We all keep things inside that we need to let out sometimes. Journaling is one of the best ways to let it all out! According to the website an article by the website wikihow  these are the steps to keep a diary or journal:

Amberlyn Mundis
  1. Get a journal if you don’t have one.
  2. Decorate the cover of the journal if not already decorated and write your name on the first page of the journal.
  3. Remember to write in your journal. Don’t force yourself to write-that just takes the fun out of writing.
  4. Take care of it. Don’t forget where you left it.
  5. Write whatever you want! It’s your journal! Write your feelings, poems, music lyrics, anything.
  6. Hide your journal if you don’t want your family to read it.


5) Get some work done. We all have work to do in this day and age. Even if you don’t do all of it, at least do some so you can feel accomplished! According to the website Lifehack, here are some ways to be productive:

Amberlyn Mundis
  1. Get rid of distractions. You won’t get anything done if you are distracted.
  2. Do quick tasks. If you don’t want to do a lot of work get something done that’s quick and painless.
  3. Eliminate concerns. If you are concerned about something you won’t be as productive as you can be. Push all your concerns aside and get your work done.


6) Call a friend or loved one. Since we can’t really go visit people, calling them or texting them is the best way to communicate. Saying hi to a friend can really help to boost your happiness. According to the website Birchbox, friends reduce your stress when times are tough, whild being there for them cheers you up too, and a good feeling of a friendship lasts. Friends are there to support you! Talk to them once in a while.


7) Pick up a hobby. All of us have hobbies that we have left behind either because we don’t have time or we’re not interested anymore. Even if you didn’t have a past hobby, find a new hobby you are interested in! According to the The New York Times, here are some reasons why hobbies are good for you:

Amberlyn Mundis
  1. You will have better physical health. People who score higher for having hobbies have better physical health.
  2. You will get more sleep. The Pittsburgh study showed that people who spent more time on their hobbies actually got better sleep.
  3. You will have lower stress. Hobbies help relieve stress and help you relax.
  4. Having a hobby you like will make you happy. It will help you not be bored and have something to do.
  5. You can make new friends through your hobby! Many other people probably do the same hobby as you. This is an easy way to make friends!
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