Read: The Stories of Our Scary Story Contest Winners


1st Place: The Skinner

By:  Aaliyania Lona

To be quite frank with you, I really hate my job. I am a counselor at an insane asylum. I always deal with the horrendous people. Now I know I shouldn’t be talking about this, but I really need to get this off my mind. If the authorities find out I am telling you any of this, I am sure to be arrested. But I do not  care, for I am less likely to be going to Hell then these people. 

Recently we have appointed a new patient, Mike Goldwyn. Now, Mr. Goldwyn seems as though he is a good man. He dresses very well, talks in a pleasant manner, and always tries to look his best. Little does anyone know that this man is clinically insane and a sociopath. He is here because he is accountable for the deaths of 27 women.     

        When talking to him about the things he has done, it’s quite unsettling. First he finds a young woman that is sad or depressed all the time. He becomes friends with her and they stay together all the time, to the point where it is a bit obsessive. He watches her every move; from watching her go home, to bathing, sleeping, etc. Mr. Goldwyn does this for a long period of time, and soon wants to add her to his collection.       

Late at night, when they’re simply amongst themselves in their homes, he would make his move. With one girl, he described in explicit detail as to how he killed her. He waited till she was asleep, picked the lock to her house, and walked in. He went to her room, and lay next to her, watching her sleep. He then covered her mouth, and stabbed her in the neck. 

         The girl tried to scream and thrashed against Mr. Goldwyn, but it wasn’t much of a scream due to the blade in her throat. As her body grew more and more limp from blood loss, he would start cleaning his mess. He would then bag up her body, and drag her out of her house as if nothing had ever happened.

        When he would finally reach his home, Mr. Goldwyn would skin the girl and burn the rest of her insides, like he did with other women. Then, he would sew the skin back together.  He would then make dolls out of his seam work, stuffing their insides with sheep’s wool and silicone, and let his imagination run wild. He would play with them as if they were children’s toys, pretending to act as if these women were still alive. He would keep them until they were no longer useful, and then he would restart this whole process of finding a new playmate.

         When I had asked him if he felt like what he did was wrong, he shook his head and said, “As human beings we will all die eventually. If anything I gave them the greatest pleasure of taking their lives so they wouldn’t burn in hell for taking their own.” 

When Mr. Goldwyn had gotten caught, police described the scene in his house to be utterly disgusting. Skins hanging from the ceiling, blood and guts all over the floor, and limp dolls made of skin resting against the walls. It was a truly horrid display. The police still can not tell us what they fully saw without getting sick. Just explaining to you what was seen disgusts me. I must not continue, for I may tell you too much. I already shouldn’t be telling you what I have stated above, I just can’t help but tell someone. Either way, no one would really see this. At least I hope not.

-Alan Grey

Later killed by Mr. Goldwyn during an interview days later due to strangulation. Evidence provided for the following court date: 13 September, 1943

2nd place: Welcome to the Angel House

By: Aliyah Nevarez

I looked at the house across the river knowing that it was still the same as the rest of the town, no motion, no sound. The house was boarded up, abandoned. No one left in this ghost town in the bottom corner of New Mexico knew what happened inside the house that gave it the name The Angel House. The only people still here were elderly because this was all they knew. I myself was on the verge of death, and all I thought about was the one time I entered that house that bound me to this town just like the souls were bound to that house.

It was 1900 and I was 18, the town was full of women in their beautiful gowns and men in their suits and top hats. The house was abandoned even then. My friends and I were curious what happened there, but when we asked the oldest men and women that lived here, all they said was the house was there before even the town and its people. We decided to go inside the house and explore before it fell to the ground. The night was October 31st when we went to the door and got inside. Just walking in the door terrified those of us who had greater imaginations, causing them to run as if La Llorona was after them.There were only three of us left to explore the house, myself included. The wood was silent beneath our feet, despite its age. Unlike the outside, the inside of the house was clean, and new-looking rugs lined the floor in the hall and on the stairs steps.

We stepped back out and peered inside; it was pitch black despite the dimming sunlight behind us. Then all three of us took a deep breath and went inside; it returned to being bright and clean. Slowly we went deeper into the house. Albert and I went to the living room area, while James went upstairs on his own. Just like the hall, the living room had a nice new-looking rug, the fireplace was lit and burning, there was a mahogany table in the center with an assortment of cookies on a china plate. I reached for one but Albert slapped my hand and shook his head. Then the entire house shook, and we heard a scream come from upstairs. We ran up the stairs to check on James.

We yelled James’s name, but no response came. Albert and I started opening doors and kept saying James’s name waiting for him to tell us where he was. Little did we know, James would not be answering our calls. Albert went inside the last room, while I quickly double checked all the other rooms in case we missed him. I reached the stairs when I heard another scream, but this time it was Albert. I ran to the room, the door was closed, I reached for the door knob and tried to turn it but it wouldn’t move. I kept yelling for Albert when something whispered in my ear to run, and I did run. I tripped down the stairs and through the door, I didn’t stop running until I reached my house.

I didn’t even turn around to see the door slammed shut the moment I was outside. I just sat on the porch, sweating, I looked to the sky, the sunlight was gone, and what seemed like minutes inside the house was hours outside; on the clock it said 3:00am. The next day I went to the sheriff and told him what happened, so he and his deputy went to the house and searched it. Albert and James were nowhere inside, and missing posters were put up with their faces. Only I knew that they never left that house, that they were tied there like everyone else who enters that house’s doors. 

I look away from that house now, the skies are darkening. I went inside my own home, and went and laid in my bed. I took this story to my grave, for I knew just like my friends, my soul was forever tied to The Angel House.


3rd Place (tie): Carrion

By: Ariana Ibarra

 Small birds had been dying all over town. People kept finding the corpses in their yards or on the sidewalks. Everyone thought it might be because of hawks, but that didn’t make any logical sense. Why would hawks attack smaller birds and not eat them? It was definitely odd, but not important enough for anyone to take action.

I had noticed that the robins that usually occupied the tree in my front yard had seemed to disappear. I went to look around the tree to see if there were any dead robins, and sure enough, I found several. I was about to dispose of them, when I noticed that none of them looked injured in any way. They were just frozen. I put it out of my mind and threw them in the garbage.

The next day I heard my mother scream from the front yard. There were several dead squirrels lying in the grass. When I arrived at school, I heard other kids whispering about similar experiences. Everyone was confused about what was killing the natural wildlife.

Over the course of several weeks, we saw more dead squirrels, then dead rabbits. It got to the point when there were several reports of dead cats and dogs. People tried keeping their pets indoors, but it made no difference. Everyone in town pressed the mayor for answers, but he was at a loss for what to do. The corpses had been examined over and over again by authorities, but no conclusion had been drawn. They observed the same thing I had: the animals had no lethal injuries. It was as if their hearts just stopped.

It wasn’t long before people started leaving town. Who knew if whatever was killing the animals would affect humans? We never found out. It’s a ghost town now. Anytime someone drives by, they can see the bodies of animals in the roads of the town. No one is brave enough to actually go into the town anymore, so the corpses will likely stay there for good.


3rd Place (tie): The Library of Gancaster Mansion

By: Hokulani Peiper

Quill and Alex stepped onto the front yard of the Gancaster Mansion. “Come on don’t be a wimp!” Alex playfully punched Quill on the shoulder.
Quill turned to Alex with weary eyes “I don’t know man. Didn’t you hear all of the stories?”. “That’s exactly what they are. Stories. Now come on if you won’t go then I will.”
Alex began walking towards the door as Quill followed, still eerie of the mansion. “Hey look it’s got a funny looking doorbell.” Alex said as he approached the steps to the door.
“Alex.. uh that’s not a doorbell.” Quill replied with widened eyes. As soon as Alex turned back to Quill suddenly the air filled with a loud SCREECH! Bats began to swarm out from the porch into the night sky, slowly becoming tiny dots from each flap of their wings. Alex jumped back frightened but still continued to open the door.
They walked in and their eyes began to adjust to the faint lighting of candles sprawled among the house. The scent of the candles drifted to just about every corner possible. Giant portraits of the old owners of the mansion stretched to each side of the walls. “This place is kind of creepy.” Alex, without thinking, walked toward the left room labeled “Library.”
“Kind of?” Quill, startled by his statement, began to follow. Alex stopped in his tracks as he looked in front of him at the two giant doors blocking his path to the library stand tall in place. He tried to open one of the doors by himself but it didn’t budge. Alex fell to the ground from the strength he tried to use and as he is falling suddenly the door begins to open by itself with a loud groan and creak.
Once the door opened it revealed a tremendous library filled to the brim with books. They both walked in and their noses began to fill with the smell of fresh paper. Quill always loved to read. Out of sheer excitement he began going to the left looking at all of the titles and authors in amazement. Alex, on the other hand, was already bored so he went right where there were tables and chairs. As Alex made his way over to there he suddenly stopped in his tracks. He saw a man sitting at one of the tables. He sat at the very last table, facing a window and with his back turned to Alex. The man was reading a book on the table, and as Alex watched him lick his finger and turn the page, he heard the sound of the page being flipped. The man without turning, still looking at his book, spoke, “Ah, I see you’ve found me before the others.” Alex jumped back a bit hearing the man’s voice booming through the library. The man began again, “Such a shame, I didn’t want to get my hands dirty.”
Quill, on the other side of the library, was suddenly alerted by the man’s voice and began to follow it, to make sure Alex was okay. He peered over a shelf and saw Alex standing frozen listening to this man speak. Quill, not sure of what to do, stood there hidden listening to what the man was saying. The man got up and skidded his chair in place making an unpleasant noise. He swiftly turned around and bowed “Sadon Terrowin, but you may call me Sadon.” He looked up at Alex “Though of course you won’t last long enough to say my name.” Suddenly Sadon grew sleek black wings that stretched out about eight feet in length, then he flapped his wings and flew to the top of the library. Sadon’s skin began to seemingly melt off showing what he really was, a giant black creature with long deformed limbs.
“I hope you like hide and seek…” He smirked and the candles blew out as he stated in an eerie voice, “In the dark!”
Sadon began to laugh as the smell of blood reeked through the library. Alex and Quill began to run frantically towards the doors but they shut with a loud boom. “I told you this was a bad idea!” Quill yelled at Alex. Alex motioned for Quill to follow him. They ran around desperately looking for hiding spots and came across a shelf with no books. They crammed into the shelves and waited, both terrified. They began to hear Sadon’s loud stomps coming their way. “Where are you…. I’m coming.” They heard Sadon say with a laugh. Then, the stomps stopped. Alex and Quill both took a breath of relief. But then Sadon suddenly popped up from above with his head upside down, “GOTCHA!”.
The End

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