Rest in Peace, Snow Days

As APS Stays in the Red, Students Kiss Snow Days Goodbye.


Josiah Ward

Albuquerque, NM- A street after a shocking snowstorm

As school has moved online, students have said goodbye to a lot. There are no passing periods, classrooms, or true social interactions, and now, snow days could very well be a thing of the past.

APS and the district’s community have become increasingly tech savvy as remote learning continues and snow days can easily be avoided from here on out. APS released a statement on Oct. 23, 2020, three days before a large snow storm, stating that, “ classes will continue on time and as scheduled come rain or shine, sleet or snow.” The statement went on to explain that only Special Ed students and their schedules will be impacted. The district also detailed that Mobile Wifi Hotsposts would not be available during a weather event, grab and go meals would be distributed, and connection issues would be accommodated.

While it may seem that snow days are gone for good, the district ended their statement with a glimmer of hope for the lovers of snow days. The district went on to explain how once APS reaches the hybrid model, snow days will be announced through traditional means, if necessary.

Some people remain skeptical. Since APS has provided Chromebooks for all students, and the district has developed in the ways of online learning, some predict that snow days will now become online days.

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